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Cheerleading is one of the fastest growing sports in the UK, the popular misconception is that Cheerleading involves Chanting, Pom Pom’s and dancing at football games which could not be further from the truth.

Cheerleading is an exciting and athletic sport, it requires athletes to tumble like gymnasts, jump like basketball players, dance like freestyle and perform stunts like acrobats.

All of this condensed in to a 2 mins 30 energetic routine! Our Cheerleading classes teach commitment, discipline and team work in a fun but safe environment. Cheerleading requires all body action and so it develops stamina, strength, fitness, confidence and flexibility.

As laid out in our Philosophy we encourage healthy competition and all our athletes are taught about proper sportsmanship, the heart of every successful team.

We offer two types of cheer classes :

This is for those wanting to join a team and compete across the nation at widely recognised competitions.

Those looking to sport a new hobby and get fit!


Our Tumble classes focus exclusively on developing gymnastic floor skills. These classes are perfect for cheerleaders looking to improve their tumble skills and progress to higher levels of competitive cheerleading.

Tumble classes are also suitable for dancers looking to add style or impact to their routines with correct gymnastic techniques, great for building body strength and improving flexibility.



The KCA Circus Classes teach aerial performance skills, including aerial hoop routines – As seen in BBC’s “Tumble” Series.

These classes also offer the opportunity to work on the floor and learn tumble skills and trampette tricks. KCA Circus classes improve strength, confidence and body awareness.

School Gymnastics


We offer a range of gymnastics training, including in-school training and we run extra-curricular teams for schools across Kent. This programme will develop the key steps to compete at a regional level.

We offer P.E gymnastics sessions and work with the School Sports Partnership to provide specialist coaching which is perfect for PPA Cover! KCA Gymnastics classes teach the athletes a variety of skills including floor, vault and beams.

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Holiday Camps


We hold special Holiday Camps during half-term periods, these camps provide the athletes the opportunity to experience the many different disciplines including Cheerleading, aerial hoops, stunts & gymnastics.

Holiday camps are the perfect way to make the most out of the summer holidays, make friends, develop team working skills, discover new talents and have fun in our Free For All sessions.

You can find out more information about the next Holiday Camp on our Events page.

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